As salam. 
Whaddup ppl. 
Alhamdullilah. I'm fine here. Alevel ppl got a week of holiday before we begin our classes on next Monday.
Still got the chance to breath. Alhamdullilah.
Reason i'm writing today just to express something that keep play in my mind, 
It is something called "Decision". 
Everyone would face a lot of decision day by day. Sometimes the decision could give large impact in their life or in contrast, it might prove nothing. 
I had a story of my own, where, i have to decide something that could change my life. And i do hope, at that time, i'm choosing the right decision. We all know that, no matter what, even we perfectly planned everything, Allah is the only one that can decide everything. I'm just hope that every decision of ours is right. 
We don't know what will happened in the future.Just keep pray that Allah can ease everything. 
I'm currently in 3rd semester if Edexcel Alevel. Within this semester, i had a hard time, where i consciously wanna stop doing alevel and just sit at home doing nothing. But when realize that, it's been a year, and i should stop look at the back and start running forward. Eventhough there's a really hard time where i have to put a lot of efforts in gaining trust with other ppl, i'm still having a great life with other friends. I tried to forget everything that made myself ruined. I wish i could run away and disappear. But I can't, because there's something worth to living for. Something so precious that force me to continue my journey as a Muslim. 
And that's why i would not stop, i will try as much as i can.
I'm already at the middle of success. Just bear in mind that everything we do, is for Allah. and remember we still could find a lot of ppl who can trust us, and not just simply dumped us after they used us. 
Brace yourself ppl. We got something to do about our future. And it might be our decision could affect others. 

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